Alexander MATROSOV


   The pupil of the orphanage Sasha Matrosov went to the war at the age of 18. Immediately after the infantry school, he was sent to the front.
   February 1943 turned out to be "hot". Alexander's battalion went on the attack, and at some point the guy, along with several comrades, was surrounded. There was no way to break through to the compatriots - enemy machine guns fired too tightly.
   Soon, Matrosov was the only one who stayed alive. His comrades were killed by bullets. The young man had only a few seconds to make a decision. Unfortunately, it was the last in his life.
    Wanting to bring at least some benefit to his native battalion, Alexander Matrosov rushed to the embrasure, covering it with his body. The fire stopped. The attack of the Red Army was ultimately successful – the Nazis retreated. And Sasha went to heaven a young and handsome 19-year-old guy...