The name of this person is known to every resident of the Soviet Union. After all, we are talking about the legendary pilot.
   Alexei Maresyev was born in 1916 and has been dreaming of the sky since childhood. Even rheumatism did not become an obstacle to the dream. Despite the prohibitions of doctors, Alexei entered the flight school - they took him after several vain attempts.
   In the 41st stubborn young man came to the front. The sky was not what he dreamed about. But it was necessary to defend the Motherland, and Maresyev did everything for this.
   Once his plane was shot down. Wounded in both legs, Aleksey managed to land his plane on the territory besieged by the Germans and even somehow make his way to his compatriots. But time was lost. The legs were “devoured” by gangrene, and they had to be amputated. Where can a soldier go without both limbs? After all, a cripple...
   But not one of these was Alexei Maresyev. He remained in service and continued to fight the enemy. As many as 86 times winged machine with a hero on board managed to rise into the sky. 11 German aircrafts were shot down by Maresyev.
  The pilot was lucky to survive in that terrible war and to feel the heady taste of victory. He died in 2001. “The Tale of a Real Man” by Boris Polevoy is a work about him. It was the feat of Maresyev that inspired the author to write it.